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about Kwig is, like any of the tundra villages, everything: food, lumber, supplies of any kind, must be brought in by bush-plane (Cessna), this is most stock (food, mail, etc.) or via barge or water vessel (large items, i.e. furniture, construction materials, etc). Due to the distance and specialty of the transport, shipping costs are considerable. This causes two effects. First, you can pay upwards of $9.85 for a box of Cheez-Its, albeit a large box (20 oz. or so) but surely you must understand the plight of anyone, such as myself, struck with any kind of sweet or processed oriented craving. The second result of exorbitant shipping costs is no one wants to pay for flying or shipping anything out – even if it’s lost utility or becomes irreparable. This has led to mounds, even entire hills of junk. 

I am not sure if it is this monetary wary mentality that has bred an inconsideration for trash containment, but parts of the villages, those accruing major traffic, suffer from litter. 

next to b-ball court

next to b-ball court

 One elder used the term “spoiled” to describe the youth in reference to the litter, which can be seen just off the boardwalk anywhere in the village.


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