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There were parts I did not appreciate. The longer I live here the more disillusioned I become, naturally. We explored parts of the tundra not even mapped out by the natives nor experienced by more than half of anyone living in the village – yet, while we were out there, my company exhibited practices parallel to any of the wasteful, inconsiderate people I am all too familiar with through my experiences in more…”civilized” populations. Any time we paused for a snack, either of them thoughtlessly chucked their trash, i.e. wrappers, cans, etc., right on the tundra or in the water. More times than I care to recall, either of them shot at and killed a creature, i.e. snipe, muskrat, field mouse, etc. that neither one had practical use for other than to waste a bullet. I am thankful for the experience in that it was one i’ve never had – yet, there is more ammo (apologies for the pun) to support my inclination to believe the human condition is the same wherever you go; just some are further ahead or behind on the time line of opportunity and “civilization”. A glimmer of hopefulness in this lesson of mine is that my company is younger, (20 and 18), and perhaps not yet discovered a certain appreciation. Of course, such a criticism based on two in a village of many, is more reflective  of my own myopic cynicism and bias. It was an eventful day, regardless.

going home

going home



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