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Captain Matt here. You can call me Captain, Matt, or “hey you” or “Oy!” works too, even though I mentally chastise myself for responding to such generic summons – it’s really no way to gain respect, let alone encourage people to learn my name.

Formalities aside, this is my online journal meant to document all the aspects of my student teaching in the rural Alaskan and Yup’ik village of Kwigillingok. I will include my daily life and experience in the village and with the native residents; my observations of the similarities and differences between the instituted curriculum here and that of the standards of Washington state; any other pivotal or relevant issues that arise during my time here. –> Having proposed my intentions, I will report on those subjects with an objectivity unassuming a comprehension I could not possibly gain in the short months I will be here; however I will not sacrafice my own emotional investments in any experience as to maintain some sort of “correctness”.

Let me just finish by saying, BALLYHOO!winterportrait


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