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Found out only two days before the first day of school that I will be teaching Drama! I couldn’t be upset or even flabbergasted, no one else knew either, it was a last minute elective addition. Also, I signed up for this student teaching position under the pretense of potentially teaching subjects beyond my endorsement. Most teachers, as in 3 or 4 of the 6 teach English and math, or Science and Math, or History and Drama. Fun times at Kwig High!


A photographic account of my first two days in the village.

The village has a radio tower through which the school and entire village receive internet access and some phone service. There are a couple of burn sites in which all paper trash is disposed of – food scraps are dumped in a designated area where the sea gulls have there way with it. Next to the school is a wooden basketball court frequented by most of the children on a daily basis.